Saturday, 28 February 2009

THERAPY FOR OUR BANKERS - NOT CASH.. What should we do with compulsory gamblers - if they are our Bankers?

I have watched with mounting horror as we bail out not just our banks but also our bankers. The reason our banks got into trouble is because their staff gambled with our money.  For every $1000 we deposited with them, they borrowed $9,000 or more and gambled the lot, on the basis that we surely would not all ask for our money back at the same time!
If ordinary people are addicted to gambling - we do not give them more money. No- that is the last thing to do. Everyone knows this.  My brother runs a charity for people addicted to gambling. They never give them more to gamble with.   What then should we do?  If we are kind,  we give them therapy - look after them,  try to cure them. So - why are our idiot governments giving the same reckless people more money?  Do we like living dangerously?

We should be protecting our remaining savings  by removing these bankers - - that surely is what we should be doing. Give them jobs where they cannot do damage.  See how they go with therapy.

Do you remember last year - when the price of gas / petrol  shot up?  We were told it was because oil was running out.  So why then did the price go back down?  We know now that the prices shot up because the bankers' men who gambled with mortgages,  moved over into gambling with oil instead when the mortgages started to go bad. They also gambled at the same time with the world's food supplies - for the prices of these also shot up last year.  The Saudi Arabians told us this last year. They said the oil supplies were OK - that it was our speculators that were to blame.
So what do we do now?  Give them more money - or do a clean sweep - out with the speculators.  Give them safer low paid jobs  - and therapy

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